About Us

Hi there! 

Here We Go brownies was born out of my passion for making the best brownies in the universe and sharing them with my friends. Over time these brownies became a big hit among my friends and community, so much so that they all began to encourage me to market and share them with others.  I was hesitant at first, because for me the brownies were just about giving a fun and delicious gift and making people happy.  I decided to give a try, and the response was amazing. 

Making delightful brownies remains to be a major passion of mine, because of how much people enjoy them and love to share them with others.  I take pride in the quality of every batch and every flavor, and I love to picture folks using these brownies to add some delicious smiles to their friend's faces.

I consider you a friend when you buy these brownies, and I promise each brownie has the same passion baked into it as every brownie I have made for my close friends and community.  All Here We Go brownies are hand made in small batches with premium ingredients.  Each unique flavor has been created and tested among my friends and community, so if it sounds good to you, trust me, you will love it.  Taste and see!

Thank you so much for your business. I truly hope you, your friends, coworkers, and community enjoy every bite!

I can't wait to hear your feedback on your experience with us, so please feel free to let me know at rhodgen@hwgbrownies.com.